What are Hangouts?

Thanks to social media, social distancing, and social awkwardness, friendship has become a bit of lost art in our culture. Hangouts are events hosted by members of The Well community, and they exist to help us recover this essential aspect of life and community. Rather than trying to create events from the top down—elders and deacons guessing what everyone will enjoy doing together—we’ve put the keys into the hands of every church member.

So what do you like to do? Make pottery? Take sunrise hikes? Play board games and eat pizza? Host a hangout! We’ve designed the process to be easy to set up a hangout, whether it’s a one-time or a regular event.

Have a question? Check the Hangouts FAQ.

hangouts faq

Want to host a hang out? Tell us your idea!

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Ready to plug in? Find upcoming hangouts below.

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